Why You Should Never Buy Dried Pasta At Costco

Costco is one of the largest names in the country. As per its official website, it has more than 100 million members and tries to find ways to cater to them, including special discounts for college students, military veterans, and active service members. Costco even has supplies that can see you through a doomsday scenario, allowing you to stock up well in advance before an emergency hits (via The Huffington Post).

That said, some items such as fruit and vegetables, milk, and condiments might not be worth purchasing from Costco when compared to what's offered at other stores, according to Business Insider. Why? Well, if you buy items like milk in bulk, you may find that your products have expired before you manage to finish them all. Even an item like dried pasta that can be purchased in large quantities isn't necessarily worth the buy, and you should consider hunting for it elsewhere. Here are the details.

You'll be paying more money

Normally, you'd assume that it's perfectly safe to buy certain items in bulk like dried pasta and canned products at Costco, right? As per The Kitchn, this isn't a great idea, after all. Other grocery stores offer better sales on these products than Costco does which means that you'll be paying more to buy these items while you scramble to find storage space in your home. Uh-oh.

As explained by a Business Insider piece, the blogger for The Many Little Joys noted that while Costco does have a lot of pasta options, you're not getting a great bargain compared to other places: "I usually only pay between $0.50-$1.00/lb. for pasta, which Costco can't beat." According to The Kitchn, dried penne might cost you somewhere around $0.09 per ounce at Costco while you can pay about $0.06 per ounce at Trader Joe's. If the price is what you're concerned about, you know what to do.