Walmart's Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set Is Finally Back In Stores

In 2018, Oreo-loving fans were in for a surprise when Walmart stocked The Ultimate Dunking set from Oreo. The highly popular set was sold out in just a few days, as explained by Eat This, Not That! In fact, the seasonal set is one of the most loved items at Walmart. What's so fascinating about this set, you ask?

Firstly, if you're an Oreo enthusiast, you're already intrigued because of all the cookies on offer. Secondly, it has two lovely milk mugs that will serve you well when you're about to dunk your Oreo cookies in milk. There are also — wait for it — Oreo cookie tongs that are basically perfect when you want to ensure that you don't get your hands messy while enjoying your cookies. There are also two cookie cages that you can set up with your milk mugs. Actually, there's more. You also get access to napkins in case, you know, you want to clean up after a hearty dunking session. Here's everything you need to know about the much-loved set's return to Walmart this season.

Walmart's Oreo Ultimate Dunking set is incredibly popular

In a Reddit post, a commentator suggested that the Oreo Ultimate Dunking set could do with a few additions. "Needs a cookie separator, and a cream filling scraper," they wrote. Until those changes are introduced, though, this set is still the closest you can get to Oreo heaven, right? 

As reported by Eat This, Not That!, the magical box sells for $17.98 and is honestly the perfect gift to give yourself or a loved one during this year's festivities. While the box has 13 Oreo cookies, of course, it won't hurt to grab a couple of extra packets of cookies with milk to make sure you have more than enough stock on hand. According to Best Products, the dunking set was first introduced to the public in 2018 by Frankford Candy. It has been an instant hit ever since then and has come back every year to be received with a whole lot of enthusiasm by Oreo loving fans everywhere. Are you excited yet?