Apple Pie Cold Brew Is The Fall Drink You Didn't Know You Needed

Apple picking season might be over, but the fall flavor is being revived as more than apple pie. If you've ever wanted to wake up over a cup of apple-pie flavored coffee, then your time has come. This year, the classic flavor has been turned into a flavor of cold brew coffee thanks to Rook Coffee, according to a press release received by Mashed. And it's certainly a new take on the beloved pie.

The new flavor of cold brew coffee is actually a part of Rook Coffee's limited release program and the latest addition to it. According to the team behind it, the Apple Pie Style Cold Brew tastes just like fall with notes of cinnamon combined with apple. It's the perfect compliment to the fresh, dark roasted cold brew base. Now all you need to do is add in a splash of caramel or dulce de leche coffee creamer, and you'll have a caramel apple all wrapped up in your morning joe.

Here's what you need to know about the drink

If you're wanting to take a closer look at what's inside the cold brew bottle, then you should know the drink utilizes all-natural flavors that are infused into the dark roasted cold brew base. The natural flavors include vanilla and apple in addition to cinnamon. There are no artificial ingredients or colors in the drink and no syrups or added sugar either.

Those of you who are wondering how such a flavor of coffee came to be, it definitely wasn't an accident. "This brew started as a funky idea we wanted to tinker with, and after our initial tasting, the team's general consensus was that we had a really special cold brew on our hands, providing that cozy fall feeling we were all searching for," says Alex Bahamonde, the head of production. "We honed in on the beautiful pairing of flavors to create something reminiscent of apple pie, just as our classic Pumpkin Style is strikingly similar to pumpkin pie." 

The cups of the coffee launched on Oct. 14 and can be ordered by the bottle on the website and shipped as early as Nov. 7. Customers can order a two- or four-pack of 32-ounce bottles for $39.50 or $77, respectively (via Rook Coffee).