This McDonald's TikTok Has Soda Fans Arguing

McDonald's is a fantasy come true when it comes to getting your fill of greasy, comforting fast food. The brand has expanded its presence ever since Ray Kroc teamed up with the McDonald brothers in the 1950s. According to the company's website, McDonald's now has a massive presence: we're looking at 36,000 outlets in more than 100 countries. Throughout its time as a fast-food giant, McDonald's has attempted to set records and chase ambitious goals. For instance, the chain opened its first outlet in Moscow in 1990 and served an enormous number of customers on the day of inauguration: over 30,000. 

However, despite being a name to reckon with a massive fan following, people have taken aim at the brand in the past. For example, in 2001, McDonald's was sued for using beef fat to make its crispy fries, something that obviously did not sit well with vegetarians who believed that the dish was free of animal products. Adding to its list of controversies is a TikTok video about McDonald's soda sizes that has gone viral.

A dispute over Coke

According to a TikTok user who is allegedly an employee at McDonald's, the brand isn't upfront when it comes to is soda sizes (via News Corp Australia). In the video, various soda sizes are compared. The TikToker transfers Coke from a small cup to a medium cup and then from the medium to the large cup. This seems to demonstrate that there is no significant difference between the three sizes. By the way, there's no ice in any of the cups. His video is captioned, "They do be lying to us, doe."

This has generated a steady stream of responses from other TikTok users. As one person pointed out, this implies that the diameter of the cups is wide enough to give the illusion that the taller (presumably narrower) cups actually hold more soda than a small one. A different commenter argued that there was probably soda already present in the cups, writing, "That's what happens when you fill up each of the cups slightly and then pour more in." Another user, however, claimed the video was truthful and wrote that they work at a McDonald's. The commenter also recommended only ordering small sizes and asking for either no ice or ice on the side in a separate cup.