Twitter Is Furious With Alton Brown For His Post-Election Reveal

If post-election surprises were a thing, then Alton Brown's post-election Tweet would win a prize. Since admitting his political leanings to Twitter less than 24 hours ago, Newsweek reported the subsequent Twitter scandal, the celebrity chef demanded an apology, the outlet then hurried to clarify their story accordingly, and The Wrap wrote thirstily about Brown's offense. Taking in the whole scandal from afar is a bit like binge-watching an entire season of a soap opera that dropped unexpectedly on Netflix.

Here's how it all started, for those of you who are still on episode one. "I have voted Republican most of my life. I consider myself a conservative," Brown tweeted, "I want to believe there are still 'very fine' people on both sides of the aisle but... if #GOP leaders don't get their collective noses out of that man's a**, we're gonna have words." Just a week ago, Distractify ran an article about why the celebrity chef traditionally abstained form political commentary. "I hate it when entertainers get political. I stick to the 'shut up & play your guitar rule.' #ShutUpAndCook," Brown once declared. Now we know why. Alton Brown's twitter followers are treating his reveal like Armageddon.

What Alton Brown's former devotees are saying

"You made me a better and more adventurous cook. I'm not angry... just incredibly disappointed," wrote one of Alton Brown's Twitter followers. "Definitely sums up how I feel," agreed another, "@altonbrown has made me a better and happier cook, for sure. It's disappointing because conservativism is linked to racist policies. That grilled cheese tho." As it stands, Brown's first political post-election tweet has attracted over 2,000 frenzied comments, many of them echoing the aforementioned. 

This backlash is probably why Alton Brown felt the need to clarify his 2020 vote. "I have voted republican in previous years," explained Brown in a follow up tweet, "But, I voted for and strongly support #BidenHarris2020... It's time for decency and unity to trump tribalism, racism, and disinformation." Unfortunately for the chef, this only dug him in deeper, garnering a series of outraged comments from both sides of the aisle. "Alton, I say this as a long-time devoted fan who's seen everything you've done...You are a fool who cannot tell right from wrong," wrote a Twitter user who identifies as a "Conservative American" and "foodie." Alton Brown, in response, reverted back to his old goofy self. "This is all a conspiracy generated and perpetuated by pineapples!" he concluded, giving heated political debates one gigantic Twitter shrug.