What You Never Knew You Could Do With A French Press

While you may have bought your French press coffee maker to do just that, make great coffee every morning, the small kitchen appliance can do so much more. The build of a French press is surprisingly simple and incredibly versatile. For example, you can froth milk in the same French press that you made your coffee. All you have to do is pour a small amount of warmed milk of your choice into the press then pump it until you get the froth you want for your morning joe (via Reader's Digest). 

Similar to frothing milk, you can also use a French press to make homemade whipped cream by doing the same thing. Instead, you'd pour cold whipping cream and a bit of sugar into the press and pump the handle until you get a whipped cream consistency. Of course, if you're looking for more conventional uses for the coffee maker, then you should know you can make cold brew and steep tea in it too (via Chowhound).

Use your French press for oils and cocktails

There are some more unusual uses for a French press, though. One ingenious way to put a French press to good use is by making homemade infused oils. The press makes it a complete cinch to whip together. All you need to do is place the aromatics along with the oil in the main compartment of the press. Then let it sit long enough to infuse, and when you're ready, pour the oil off into containers while the pump keeps the solid aromatics in the bottom of the press. It's a similar process for making any broth of your choice in the French press, too. 

Other uses include making sangria among other cocktails since the press helps to aerate the drink in a similar fashion to a cocktail shaker. The press is also handy for rinsing grains before cooking them, according to Chowhound. There are likely tons of other uses for the French press around the kitchen. Just keep your eyes open and get creative. You'll likely find more ways to put it to good use in your household.