The Most Popular Pie In The U.S. Is A Classic

What's the most popular pie in the United States? According to TheĀ Harris Poll, the all-time favorite is as American as apple pie ... because it is apple pie, with 12 percent of those surveyed ranking this dessert as their number one. So what's the runner up? When the moon hits your eye like a great pizza pie, that's amore for 10 percent of respondents. Oddly enough, though, 72 percent of those polled said they prefer sweet pies to savory pies ... maybe they're just not realizing that pizza isn't sweet, because they are so sweet on this weeknight favorite?

A number of American celebrities share our national adoration for apple pie, including the Obama family, Miss Americana's Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber, Bon Appetit reported. But, when it comes to what we want for dessert on Thanksgiving Day, specifically, this all-American dessert comes in third place, according to a poll about Thanksgiving desserts, also conducted by Harris. More than a third of us, or 36 percent, want to top off our turkey day feast with a slice of pumpkin, and 17 percent prefer pecan, compared to just 14 percent who have a hankering for apple.

Americans want to eat all the pies

What other pies ranked highly in the poll? Let's just say that if we were all faced with one of those rotating dessert displays you find in a diner, we wouldn't all be fighting over the last slice of any one option. Pie preferences are about as diverse as our nation is, with pecan, cherry, pumpkin, coconut cream, chicken pot pie, key lime, and other crust-ensconced options each grabbing small amounts of votes, the survey reported.

Of course, who is making that pie might have some influence on whether the pie is your favorite. Maybe Grandma's apple pie can't be beat, but your sister's chocolate cream pie is to die for. And if you're eating out, all bets are off. A ranking of the best pies in America identified the key lime pie served at Sweet Delights in Miami, Florida, as the very best slice, with second place going to a gelato pie, served at Gelatology in Las Vegas, Nevada (per Insider).