This McDonald's TikTok Hack Makes At Home McGriddles Easy

McDonald's has an incredibly strong breakfast game, and one of the fast food juggernaut's tastiest creations is the McGriddle. Per CNBC, this sweet-and-savory breakfast sandwich, in which the ingredients are stacked between two special pancakes is the brainchild of product developer Tom Ryan — whom, incidentally, you can also thank for Smashburger and Pizza Hut's stuffed crust pizza

Because of its considerable fast food pedigree and sheer, delicious taste, aspiring home chefs might be tempted to try and reproduce the McGriddle in their own kitchens. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. The ultra-thick, maple syrup-flavored "griddle cake" pancakes that make up the breakfast sandwich's bun can be incredibly difficult to make thick and tasty enough, even if you have a specialized fast food kitchen-style griddle. Or rather, it used to be incredibly difficult. 

Thanks to a super-handy trick that's emerged on TikTok, you, too, can now cook your own McGriddles at home. Let's take a look at the McDonald's TikTok hack that makes homemade McGriddles easy.

Mason jar rings make perfect McGriddle molds

In the genius kitchen hack posted on Allyson Bayard's TikTok account, the tricky griddle cake is handily reproduced with the aid of ... a canning jar ring. Yep, one of those circular screw-on rings that come with mason jars. It turns out that the ring's size and height make it an excellent griddle cake mold — just remember to apply cooking spray so the cake won't get stuck (per Delish).   

The second part of the hack is, of course, the appliance of the maple syrup, which is essential for that tried-and-tested McGriddle taste. After you've placed your mason jar ring on the griddle and applied your pancake batter, just wait until the bottom is nice and ready, and add some syrup. Once the cake is firm enough, it's safe to remove the mold and flip.  

Really, this is one of those things that seems obvious in hindsight, but it doesn't make this hack any less ingenious — or the end product any less delicious.