The Reason You Should Be Getting Your Chocolate From Aldi

Aldi is an absolute staple for many grocery shoppers thanks to its low prices and surprisingly good products. While there are a lot of really good picks from Aldi, there are also some it's better to avoid. Fortunately for us, chocolate is one of the best things you can pick up from the budget grocery store (likely, at least in part, thanks to Aldi's German roots).

Since Aldi is based in Germany, a lot of its chocolates are imported from Europe. European chocolate tends to be smoother, creamier, and richer than American chocolate. It's also more flavorful and melts at lower temperatures, according to The Country Basket, which makes it taste and feel like a high-quality product. Aldi's chocolates are largely produced in Germany, though they do also import the confection from Austria and Belgium too. With packages and bars of chocolate ranging from $1.29 to around $4, you really can't beat the price for the quality of the treat. Plus, there's something prefect for everyone with a chocolatey sweet tooth at Aldi.

These are the Aldi chocolates you should try first

Those looking for great whole bars of milk or dark chocolate can certainly find them at Aldi, but if you're looking for something more than a simple chocolate bar, the discount chain has a ton of treats to choose from. The Specially Selected Belgian cocoa dusted truffles are really indulgent, and some of the best out there according to The Kitchn. For a smaller bite, pick up a pouch or two of Aldi brand Choceur's chocolate-covered superberries, which come in varieties such as blueberry, acai, and pomegranate — but be warned, once you get going with these tiny treats it may be hard to stop.

Aldi also carries a lot of different kinds of chocolate covered nuts. The dark chocolate covered coconut almonds are a top pick among fans of the chain, and taste a lot like stepped-up Almond Joys. According to Aldi Reviewer, Choceur's milk chocolate covered Virginia peanuts are also a great buy — that is, if you can get them. For those who love caramel, you really can't go wrong with the Specially Selected dark chocolate covered sea salt caramels either. So, visit your local Aldi and give some of their sweet treats a try. You never know which one will be your new favorite.