Perdue's New Turkey Nuggets Taste Just Like Thanksgiving

Love them or loathe them, Thanksgiving dinners have always been a part of our national landscape. If you're not a fan, you're now in a position to thank 2020 for taking away what could be one of the most stressful parts of your year, now that health experts are asking Americans to scale down their holiday plans; and this is where our story begins.

If you're staying in, doing Thanksgiving solo, and have generally opted out of transforming your kitchen for the sake of a bird, Perdue Farms is serving up Thanksgiving turkey with a twist — in nugget form. The limited edition product, aka Perdue Farm's ThanksNuggets, go on sale at noon on Friday, and they could the answer to your socially-distanced Thanksgiving needs. They're not your ordinary nugs either, because the 24-ounce bag has two turkey nugget flavors. The white meat turkey version has a sweet potato flavor, while the dark meat version is packed with flavors that are meant to recreate the flavor explosion of eating a bit of drumstick meat with stuffing and cranberry sauce, all balanced on a fork (via Eat This, Not That!).

The ThanksNuggets anticipates that holiday meals will be smaller this year

Perdue Farm's ThanksNuggets have been tested on all the sauces you'd expect to be served at a holiday meal. In explaining the product's flavor profile, Tracy Hostetler, VP of Marketing of Premium Prepared Foods says "It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without gravy, which works great with both the white and dark meat and really completes the traditional nugget dipping sauce experience. You can also double down on cranberry sauce to further bring out that great sweet yet tart holiday flavor. We even tried the white meat nugget with a blend of ketchup and cranberry sauce and that was a big hit" (via Eat This, Not That!).

If the idea of consuming turkey in nugget form seems unholiday-like to you but you're not cooking for a large crowd, know that Thanksgiving meals are actually scalable. Fewer mouths means you can pick up a smaller bird; cook up turkey breasts; or do a chicken instead. You can go back to basics and lean into the season's comfort food sides like mashed potato and limit the quantities you make. You might also choose to prepare more manageable servings of pumpkin pie (via Taste of Home). But it might be good to have a bag of ThanksNuggets in the freezer just so you do have options if you change your mind.