Sour Patch Kids' Surprising New Product Isn't Candy

This new variation on Sour Patch Kids might be the strangest yet. In one of the newest examples of the great American profit-making tradition of co-branding (think Oreo Blizzards or Doritos Locos Tacos), the brand Snack Pack, owned by food giant Conagra, is coming out with Sour Patch Kids-flavored puddings (via Best Products). Well, "puddings" is a loose term. Sour Patch Kids, owned my Mondelez International, are coming to your spoons.

Snack Pack (maker of what they technically call "Pudding & Juicy Gel Snacks") confirmed to Best Products that their new Sour Patch Kids Snack Pack will come in two flavors: two of the sour candy's classics, Redberry and Blue Raspberry. One has to wonder what the difference between these two artificially flavored desserts are, besides the red and blue food dye. But based on the product photos, we can expect them to be somewhat more Jell-O than pudding, with a sweet and sour taste (via Best Products). What else can you expect? An outpouring of product taste tests in the popular category of YouTube food reviews? Maybe some social media fanfare and, of course, outrage?

What do the interwebs say about this Sour Patch Kids product?

CandyHunting also released the news of the candy-flavored cups of sugary gel, announcing in an Instagram post, "New Sour Patch Kids Snack Pack juicy gels will be out soon! Flavors include Blue Raspberry and Redberry. Huge thanks to Conagra for sending the news and images!" There were plenty of mixed feelings, including "I'm scared!" from one user and another user's "This is too far." Meanwhile, another Instagrammer summed it up in a comment that unearthed the core of the entire corporate agenda for these kinds of product releases: "Not sure about this but I wanna try it to say I had it lol," she said.

So should you give the food overlords your money in exchange for some brightly colored acidic goop in a plastic cup? That's up to you. Imagine the possibilities: A blue mouth. Supporting a pair of companies with an impressive history of corporate misdeeds under their belts. High blood glucose levels. You could even be like BatDad's kid, using impeccable technique to slurp up a gelatin dessert cup in one go. Go forth and conquer.