This State Is About To Get The Largest White Castle In The World

Burger flipping robots called Flippty 2.0 aren't the only thing coming for White Castle fans in 2021 (via Eater). Orlando is getting a 4,567-square-foot White Castle restaurant. Yes, that's about the size as Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's New York City apartment, or Bradley Cooper's New York City townhouse, according to City Realty, but it's also going to be the largest freestanding White Castle restaurant in the world. And because neither J.Lo and Rodriguez nor Cooper have offered up their digs, the fast-food chain is opening their largest-ever-restaurant in Florida and not New York. Or something like that.

In case you were busy pondering the significance of this news, snack on these facts. According to The Take Out, White Castle is the oldest fast food hamburger chain in the world. Also, according to White Castle's Twitter page, it's been around since before sliced bread. And finally, Florida used to have a White Castle, because White Castle founder, Billy Ingram used to hang out in Miami in the 1960s. But, per Spectrum News, that White Castle closed in 1968, and Florida has been White Castle-less since. That's 52 years without a White Castle, which makes Orlando's upcoming largest White-Castle-in-the-world the fast food comeback of the century.

Inside the upcoming largest White Castle in the world

When White Castle announced the construction of their new restaurant in 2019, they promised that construction would begin in April 2020 and that it would end in early 2021. After it opens, it won't close. Literally. Orlando's new White Castle will serve sliders and hamburgers to your heart's delight 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you're lucky enough to get an invitation, you can attend White Castle's Nov. 19, 2020 groundbreaking event, and then brag about how you did at Thanksgiving (via The Orlando Sentinel). If you're a true White Castle fan, you'll watch Grammy award-winning Coolio make a White Castle Slider-based stuffing, and serve that up at your Thanksgiving feast, too (via PR Newswire).

If you're not invited to the Orlando White Castle's groundbreaking event, you'll have to wait until next spring to peek into the largest White Castle in the world. Then, you'll be able to pick between indoor and outdoor seating. Or, if you prefer, you can opt to use one of two drive-thru lanes. Look for the restaurant in Orlando's Village at O-Town West. Then, after you've ordered yourself a slider, maybe hop on Interstate 4 and check out the nearby Disney World. We hear the folks at Disney make a great mac and cheese.