The One Recipe Gordon Ramsay Wishes We All Forgot

Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay has made a name for himself in all these years thanks to his top-notch cooking skills and his contribution to the culinary industry. Without a doubt, he is wildly popular for his cooking tips and takes on food in general. For instance, Ramsay's scrambled eggs with smoked salmon breakfast recipe video got over 6.7 million views on YouTube. Interestingly, while people clearly love watching Ramsey do his thing, the famed chef doesn't enjoy watching himself onscreen. 

According to Buzzfeed, Ramsay has a specific reason for avoiding his shows. "I don't want to get self-obsessed and start thinking about putting makeup on and watching the way I walk," he explained. But there's at least one video that he might not want anyone to watch, and the reason has nothing to do with makeup or mannerisms. He doesn't star in it at all. Instead, it spotlights a breakfast dish for which he received a fair amount of criticism. Here's the recipe that Gordon Ramsay probably wishes everyone would simply forget.

The Full English breakfast that didn't impress many viewers

In September this year, the celebrity chef shared a video of what he called "the most amazing Full English" on Twitter, adding that it will be available that at his London eatery, Savoy Grill. The dish was priced at £19 ($24.45), according to Insider. Meanwhile, The restaurant's menu refers to the meal as "a quintessentially British breakfast." The portions were noticeably limited and had just two eggs, a handful of bacon slices, one pork sausage, a single portobello mushroom, one grilled tomato slice, and some baked beans. Customers had the option to request more sides, but it was going to cost them £5 ($6.43) per add-on. 

Ramsay's followers were having none of it. According to them, the breakfast was way too small and had a price that was way too big. A disappointed commenter wrote, "'Full'?' As in what no-one would be after eating that pitifully small plateful?" Yikes. Another follower commented that they definitely needed to see more sausages and were also disappointed by the lack of toast, hash browns, and black pudding. People posted images of what they considered better British breakfasts with nicer prices. They certainly had Ramsay's dish beat in terms of size.