McDonald's Employee Reveals How To Get Free Food In Viral TikTok

Well boys and girls, TikTok is taking us back to kindergarten today with a lesson in manners. Except rather than a gold star next to your name, this time your good behavior could earn you free food at McDonald's. According to The Sun, a McDonald's employee recently shared a sure-fire way to score free food at Mickey D's and it turns out, all you have to do is be polite.

In the TikTok video, user Benita Jadah says, "Say we mess up your order or we take really long to bring it out — you're not gonna believe this — If you come in cool and collected we will literally replace your food and probably give you a refund." The McDonald's employee went on to explain, "We're human too and nobody likes to get yelled at. I get why you'd be upset, but you will get so much more and get so much further if you just come in with a super good attitude." Jadah added, candidly, "It's a billion dollar industry," and assured us, "...they have the money." If you're doubting the efficacy of the "be nice" approach, just look at what commenters had to say.

Being nice to McDonald's employees works

When Jadah broke the news (in a TikTok video that's now received nearly 32,000 likes) that McDonald's will replace your incorrect or delayed order and possibly even refund your money — as long as you're friendly about it — several people spoke up to confirm that this method works. TikToker @itsmanar0 commented, "I work at McDonald's too... and this is true." User @erikbarsegian also confessed, "#itworks I've done it twice." Others just want the good word spread, like user @Robertoohh who cheered, "Say it again for the people in the back."

Listen, customers already do plenty of things that drive McDonald's employees crazy (we're looking at you, unsalted french fry people), let's not add unkindness on top of it. The next time your McDonald's burger order is botched or your McNuggets take too long, follow Jadah's advice. Speak up but keep it classy and you shall, apparently, be rewarded.