What Is Almond Nog And How Is It Different From Eggnog?

If you've ever had eggnog, then you know it has an incredibly smooth, creamy, and rich texture that's matched by the perfect amount of holiday spice. While eggnog is absolutely delicious, it's also really high in calories. That has a lot to do with the sugar and high fat ingredients that make up the drink, though. Eggnog usually includes eggs, sugar, milk, heavy cream, and a hefty dose of booze, be it cognac, rum, bourbon, or a combination. The drink is then topped off with a dusting of nutmeg (via Kitchn).

Almond nog, on the other hand, is usually a vegan take on the dairy-heavy drink. The almond version can be well suited to a number of diets depending on the brand you buy. Aldi's Friendly Farms, for example, is dairy-free, lactose-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and egg-free (via Delish). Almond nog is like a richer and creamier version of almond milk that has spices added in to make sure it's just as cozy tasting as the real thing.

How almond nog holds up to eggnog

Quite a few Aldi shoppers have bought almond nog in the past, and they've taken to Instagram to express their thoughts on it. Many appreciate that almond nog has significantly fewer calories than regular eggnog. According to Women's Health, most people drink a full cup of eggnog at a time which has around 228 calories. Depending on the brand, a cup of almond nog can have anywhere from 100 calories to 140 (via Go Dairy Free).

However, those giving almond nog feedback also felt that the almond nog wasn't as rich or creamy, which left them feeling as though something were lacking. Even if almond nog has a thinner mouthfeel than regular eggnog, it's a healthier alternative. It's also really useful for other things too. Some like to use it as a coffee creamer while Delish recommended using it for French toast. Either way, it's worth picking up a carton and giving it a try.