Pillsbury's Festive Cookie Kit Lets You Build Funfetti Christmas Trees

Holiday cookie art has a long tradition. According to PBS, the history of building gingerbread houses dates all the way back to 16th century Germany, and variations on traditional holiday cookie decorations have evolved over the centuries. Fast forward to the present, and Pillsbury is continuing to keep this festive tradition alive with their latest holiday treats. According to Delish, the brand plans to roll out two semi-involved cookie kits the moment Thanksgiving festivities come to a close.

With two kits to choose from, home bakers can select to make either funfetti Christmas tree cookies or funfetti sandwich cookies in festive colors. While many of us associate Pillsbury with pre-sliced cookie dough you can throw straight into an oven, these kits present a little bit more of a challenge that can get you feeling like a true baker, requiring intrepid home cooks to actually mold and construct their cookie stacks. The Christmas tree kit comes with cookie mix, cookie cutters, sprinkles, a frosting pastry bag, recipe book, and two Pillsbury Doughboy baker hats, while the cookie sandwich kit comes with the same components, minus the cookie cutters. Don't expect to only get one sandwich or tree per kit either — according to Delish, each kit makes up to 12 of the festive treats, and with multiple cookies coming together to form each stack, get ready to enjoy the sugar rush.

Pillsbury has a long history of holiday treats

These seasonal cookie baking and decorating kits are sure to spark joy for anyone looking to inject some holiday cheer into 2020 — and while the completed cookie trees appear stunning, don't expect these homemade masterpieces to set you back much. According to Delish, Pillsbury plans to sell each kit anywhere from $7 to $8.25, based on location.

For fans of holiday cookie decorating or anyone who just wants to indulge in some winter festivities, the new Pillsbury cookie kits couldn't come at a better time. According to People, 60 percent of Americans won't travel for Christmas this year due to coronavirus, so bringing home some extra holiday spirit should warm up any household. To bring a smile to your face, find out what makes cookie decorating so fun and try out this easy bake to bring everyone together this holiday season.