This Costco Mediterranean Tapas Platter Makes Holiday Entertaining Easy

Who doesn't love a shortcut, especially when it comes to holiday entertaining? Sometimes, when you're staring down a day of prepping for a big meal or you just need some snacks to go alongside cocktails, a little help from the store can be a lifesaver. Enter: the Costco Mediterranean tapas platter. According to Forever Barcelona, tapas are small plates of food to be shared; just sub the word "platter" for "small plates" in this case.

Instagram user costcohotfinds shared Costco's Mediterranean tapas platter with followers, adding the caption, "This is the ultimate platter to take to a friends house or to have in the fridge to snack on. You could even buy and put together your own fancy charcuterie board." The platter also popped up on user Costco_doesitagain's feed where followers vouched for its tastiness with comments like, "I picked one up last week and it is delicious," and, "Soooo goood I'm already eating mine." Another user noted, "My mother got this over the weekend and won't stop talking about it!"

Costcohotfinds pointed out that the tapas platter is available at Costco's in the midwest, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma and people have already filled the comments with pleas for the platter to arrive at their stores. Hopefully this noshable delight will find its way to a Costco near you soon. When it does, look out because it is positively loaded with savory, snackable goodies.

Costco's Mediterranean tapas platter includes seven different offerings

Imagine someone took the time to collect all of the wonderfully cheesy, briney, cured things the Mediterranean is known for and assembled them in a convenient, pre-packaged platter for you. That's exactly what it seems The Olive Packing Company has done. They're the brand behind the Mediterranean tapas platter at Costco and, by the looks of things, they have very good taste.

Instagrammer costcohotfinds listed the contents of the platter to include sweet peppers stuffed with garlic-herb cream cheese, provolone cubes, and Mediterranean Mushroom Antipasto, which upon Googling, we found it's likely to be mushrooms that have been marinated with onions and herbs (via All Recipes), although it looks like the Costco version contains olives, too. In other words, it sounds delicious and like it could serve as a snack all by itself. But, there's still plenty more to this platter. Also included are hot pitted olive salad, Castelvetrano pitted olives, marinated artichokes, and Greek meze, which looks to be large pickled peppers.

You might think this Mediterranean tapas platter would set you back a pretty penny, if not for the convenience of it all then at least for the variety. But, it only costs $16.69 and seems well worth it, in our opinion. Can you really even put a price on taking the stress out of holiday entertaining? We think not. If you're even the slightest bit overwhelmed this holiday season, or simply want a snack, head to Costco and treat yourself to these tapas.