Star Wars Fans Can't Get Enough Of These Baby Yoda Hot Cocoa Bombs

It turns out there may have been one place Baby Yoda had not staked out yet — inside your coffee mug. With a new galactic invention, though, this may no longer be the case. To the delight of Star Wars fans everywhere, Galerie has introduced a Baby Yoda hot cocoa bomb named The Child Twist (via Delish). Baby Yoda in your cup, the best part of waking up is.

Need a brush up on cocoa bombs? They are fun-filled, chocolate spheres that melt in warm milk, releasing hot cocoa mix, mini-marshmallows, flavors, or treats, creating a little entertainment in your mug. In the case of The Child Twist, the cocoa bomb show is nearly as impressive as a Jedi mind trick, with a green Baby Yoda marshmallow appearing at the end. Star Wars fans may have to act fast because it is largely being advertised as a holiday-related treat. (One might even call it a Star Wars holiday special.)

If Star Wars: The Mandalorian, is not on your household's radar, Galerie also offers magic hot chocolate melts in SpongeBob, Paw Patrol, and LOL Surprise themes.

There's more than one way to consume Baby Yoda

With the amount of edible Baby Yoda products available, there seems to be no shortage of people who want to eat Baby Yoda. The good news is, according to Katherine Stavropoulus the urge doesn't have anything to do with cannibalistic urges, but rather something called "cute aggression," a paradoxical urge to do something that sounds harmful but doesn't actually have any intention of causing harm (via Delish). All this to say, there's no need to feel guilty if you want to gobble up some adorable Baby Yoda-inspired goodies.

If you're feeling the Force is with you, there are a number of dishes and drinks you can try your luck on. Let's Eat Cake has a sugar cookie recipe with a creative shape fix using Christmas cookie cutters — just chop the head off the angel cookies. A Reddit user nailed Baby Yoda bone broth by using green eggs for his head and making a beef coat, and our personal favorite, the Baby Yoda margarita cocktail by Disney Trippers, can easily be turned into a mocktail for younger Padawans.