This Hershey's S'mores Kit Is The Perfect Gift For Campers

Food truly makes a camping experience memorable. Whether you feel nostalgic bliss remembering what it felt like to cook up a fresh-caught fish over a campfire or roast s'mores under a starry night sky, food makes the camping experience great and helps us feel at one with nature. The warm feelings of chowing down on s'mores make us come back for more, even when we don't spend the days and nights outdoors — according to a 2014 article by Real Simple, Americans purchase 45 million pounds worth of marshmallows every year with the intention of turning them into s'mores. As the cold weather begins to roll in, camping draws to a close for most of us, but don't let the weather stop you from indulging in your favorite camping memories with s'mores at home.

According to Delish, the camping and sweets enthusiasts inside all of us can join forces this holiday season and celebrate Hershey's release of their official s'mores kit, containing two mugs, Hershey's milk chocolate bars, marshmallows, and four graham crackers. For anyone looking for an intimate dessert experience with a loved one or who just wants to recapture the memories of sitting around a campfire, this kit provides the perfect serving of s'mores to make you feel content and complete.

Where can I find this kit?

For anyone looking to pick up a Hershey's s'mores kit this holiday season, look no further than your local big box store. According to Delish, Walmart carries the kits for $9.98 and makes for the perfect stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift. If you want your holiday confection collection to feel complete, a variety of other candy and cookie brands have rolled out kits to make iconic desserts, like the Oreo cookie milkshake kit, also available from Walmart (via Delish). Desserts just make so much sense as the temperature starts to drop and not indulging in a slice of comfort with the Hershey's s'mores kit can make you feel like you've been left out in the snow.

When you want to introduce someone to the joys of campfire cooking, nothing makes the introduction easier than these bite-sized treats, and when you can so easily make s'mores at home, you have no excuse to not give in and indulge a little. Whether you love the taste of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers combined together, or just want to rekindle the nostalgia of sitting out by a warm campfire, these treats can brighten up anyone's holidays.