The Canadian Classic You Can Order From KFC's Secret Menu

Everybody can name their favorite Mexican-inspired meal, but when it comes to our Canadian neighbors up north, how many kinds of food can you think of that really gained popularity in the US? While maple syrup immediately springs to mind, Canada has one truly iconic dish that has made its way around the world – poutine. According to Maclean's, poutine, a Quebecois slang word for "a mess," most likely originated in Warwick, Quebec in 1957 when a trucker asked for cheese curds on top of his fries. Over the course of the next several decades, the dish would spread down to the United States and the rest of Canada, becoming a hit with anyone looking to indulge in a hearty combo of gravy, cheese curds, and fries. While poutine commonly appears through Canada, finding it in our own backyard can prove a bit more challenging.

If you have been hankering for this deep-fried treat but haven't found a restaurant nearby that sells it, a solution might be far closer than you could ever imagine, especially if you find yourself in Maine. According to WCYY, intrepid Kentucky Fried Chicken fans recently found out that their local KFCs had a secret menu that included poutine. As long as the restaurants had their signature gravy and cheese curds in stock, restaurant goers could request this classic Quebec dish that the chain keeps off their main menu.

Can you only get poutine in Maine?

Secret menus tend to vary based on the region in which the restaurant operates. According to Ranker, even McDonalds has a very seasonal secret menu, with many items only appearing in certain corners of the country. When this megalith of fast food dining can't even maintain a consistent secret menu, don't immediately assume you can find poutine at just any KFC. According to Hack the Menu, the availability of this classic from the great frozen north rests on the chain carrying the integral cheese curds. While diners have spotted the dish in Maine, you might have a harder time coming upon poutine the further south you travel (via WYCC).

If the craving for poutine strikes but you find yourself stuck far away from Canada, have no fear. You can easily whip up this dish at home by ladling fresh cheese curds and hot gravy over freshly cooked fries to bring the same deep-fried comfort home (via Seasons and Suppers). If you feel bold and want to embrace your inner Quebecois, ask your local KFC if they carry the key ingredients and hack the chain's secret menu to make your wildest french fry fantasies come true.