The Reason You Should Never Buy Aldi's Dishwashing Liquid

Love it or eye it with mild suspicion, few people can say that Aldi isn't a pretty major player in the retail game these days. The German discount store chain has graced our wallets and lined our stomachs with cheap meat and other budget goods that have helped it thrive during the pandemic. Aldi does, of course, have all sorts of little tricks to make you spend more money, but all in all, their streamlined selection, efficient procedures, and signature (or rather, non-signature) tendency to avoid name-brand goods and go with store brands translate to cheaper prices for the conscious consumer. 

However, cheap doesn't always mean good. There are absolutely things that you should and shouldn't buy from Aldi. According to some customers, one of the definite "don't" products is one very particular dishwashing product. Let's take a look at the reason you should never buy this Aldi's dishwashing liquid.

Reviewers think Aldi's dishwashing liquids are bad at their job

Per Aldi Reviewer's 2018 look at Aldi's Radiance store-brand dishwashing product line, the products don't always offer enough bang for your buck. According to the reviewer, Radiance Automatic Dish Detergent Gel in particular has some issues. The gel works fine at first, but over a few washing cycles, you start to notice that it leaves all sorts of stains and smudges on the dishes – which, of course, sort of defeats the purpose of the product. 

In 2019, several Reddit users agreed on the sentiment. In fact, they took it even further, stating that in general, Aldi's dishwashing liquids leave a lot to be desired. However, they did note that the store chain's dishwashing tablets are quite nice. As redditor Celestia put it, "I came here to say that the dishwasher soap sucks, but everyone kinda beat me to it. The dishwasher pods are pretty good though."