Here's Why Peanuts And Beer Are Such A Good Combination

After throwing back a few cold ones, having a bowl of free salty snacks put right in front of you at a bar may feel like hitting the jackpot, but keep in mind, the house always wins. Snacking on salty foods makes people thirsty. According to VinePair, a small handful of peanuts may cost a bar as little as 10 cents, but has the potential to multiply drink orders. It's a no-brainer for barkeeps, but research has indicated there might be something beneficial for those who are on the other side of the bar. 

Scientists have found the good ol' peanuts and beer combo could be good for rehydration. The human body can lose a lot of water during prolonged physical activities, like marathons, during which essential minerals like potassium and salt can be lost. Here's where peanuts and beer come in: Nuts are rich in potassium and weak beers, like lagers, contain vitamins and carbohydrates. Experts even suggest the combination could be more beneficial for rehydration than water or a sports drink (via the Daily Mail). Cheers to that!

What to eat when you're drinking

Whether you have a go-to dinner order for the nights you imbibe or your late-night feast is determined by a tipsy game of dumpling/burger/taco/pizza roulette, it just may differ from your routine diet. According to Cosmopolitan, drinking alcohol can induce cravings for foods that are fatty and salty. While some choices are safer than others, aiming for fruits, starchy vegetables, and lean proteins could be a wise decision to avoid morning-after tummy woes.

To avoid a hangover, a Real Simple article suggests eating fatty foods like guacamole before drinking, since fatty foods delay the body's absorption of alcohol. The article also recommends eating foods high in fiber, like popcorn, because they break down alcohol and absorb it, slowing its path to the bloodstream, and foods high in Vitamin C, which may help prevent some hangover symptoms. This means you can feel justified for snacking on all those fabulous fruit cocktail garnishes.