Is Eating Dairy With Bananas Actually Bad For You?

What's a healthy breakfast like? Perhaps a cup of oats with mashed bananas, milk, and nuts. But here's a pertinent question: Is it really good for you to eat bananas with dairy? There have been rumors circulating around on the internet that point to the idea that having milk with bananas can have an adverse impact on digestion and even lead to a disturbance in sleep patterns.

A curious Redditor posed this question to others who may be in the know and wrote, "Several websites mention Ayurveda as source and indicate that consuming banana and milk together at the same time... hinders digestion and disturbs [your] sleep pattern. Whereas many others suggest banana milk shake as a healthy drink." Ayurvedic medicine is an alternative medicine system with roots in the Indian subcontinent, as per John Hopkins Medicine.

As highlighted by a Healthline piece, Ayurvedic practitioners do discourage people from combining bananas with milk and believe that it isn't great for your digestive health. But is this true?

The facts don't quite add up about milk and bananas

Reddit commentators were unsure about the question but a commentator stated that they haven't experienced any adverse effects from consuming bananas and milk. They wrote, "It's a rare treat for me and I haven't noticed any problems." Another Reddit user had a cheeky comment to add to the conversation. They pointed out, "Taste is subjective, science has nothing to do with it."

Meanwhile, Healthline debunked this theory as well and stated that while some benefits have been linked to an Ayurvedic diet, there is very little research to truly support its advantages over other kinds of diets. Plus, there is no indication that eating bananas and milk together can cause digestive distress or prove harmful to your health. So go ahead and enjoy that banana smoothie without breaking a sweat. This is simply an urban myth with little evidence to support its claim.