This Is The Best Brand Of Ginger Beer For Moscow Mules

Moscow mules are certainly among the most classic cocktails out there, so much so that you can usually find them on most any drink menu. There's something about the sweet and citrusy combination that's just so pleasing no matter who you are. If you're not familiar with the Moscow mule, it's a pretty straightforward cocktail of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice that is typically served in a signature copper mug. Since it is such a clear cut drink, the only place to really change things up is when choosing a vodka and ginger beer to use in the drink (via Advanced Mixology).

While some vodkas are smoother than others, there is a huge variety of ginger beers with different flavor profiles to choose from out there. According to The Manual, most ginger beers that are made in mass tend to contain more sugar and ginger flavoring rather than real ginger. However, there are tons of other ginger beers out there that encompass quite a range of spiciness. Depending on your preference, you can make a really zingy Moscow mule or a tamer, sweeter version (via The Spruce Eats). That's why you should know the best brands of ginger beer. With so many diverse options, it's helpful to know which brands are best suited to your liking.

These are the best ginger beer brands to buy

For those looking to cut back on sugar with their ginger beer pick, look to Zevia Mixer Ginger Beer, which has no added sugar, sweeteners, or artificial colors. Q Drinks Spectacular Ginger Beer is a common pick that is hailed for its extra carbonation, which helps keep the drink tasting fresh, and its use of agave syrup as the sweetener. Another popular choice is Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer (via VinePair). It's made with three kinds of ginger blended in, so you know it has plenty of great ginger flavor. Barritt's Original Ginger Beer is a fourth good option, though some claim it is better for Dark 'n' Stormy cocktails rather than Moscow mules.

Those looking for the spicier side of ginger beers should try The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer, which has a really intense flavor. Reed's Stronger Ginger Beer is said to be the spiciest around. It's also a Jamaican-style ginger beer that has a reputation for it's big bold ginger flavor.

If you'd like something on the sweeter end of the scale, try Royalty Ginger Beer. It still has the taste of ginger, but it's definitely sweet. So, don't use it with a cocktail mix that already contains sugar. You might also like Rachel's Ginger Beer, which is made with fresh ginger, fresh lemon juice, and cane sugar. There are also other flavored options that might be a fun spin on the drink to try.