The Difference Between Skirt Steak And Hanger Steak Is Bigger Than You Thought

Nothing gets everyone excited like a hot steak off the grill, and the numbers don't lie. According to Global Agriculture, Americans are consuming more beef than ever, with the average American eating over 222 pounds of beef per year. With numbers like this, we should intimately know the cuts of steak we love to eat. While we can get a variety of cuts from our local butcher, hanger steaks and skirt steaks not only seem to appear less often, but at first glance, they almost look the same. This similarity makes sense — according to Cooking Secrets For Men, both steaks come from the same plate cut from the underside of a cow, and with two skirt steak cuts and one hanger steak cut from a plate, the devil's in the details.

According to Cooking Secrets For Men, skirt steaks can measure up to 2 feet long while having a width of 3-4 inches, whereas hanger steaks have a thicker girth and measure about 6-7 inches. Skirt steaks typically weigh several pounds due to their size, while hanger steaks clock in at a much smaller weight (via Cooking Secrets For Men). Whether you love to throw these cuts straight on the grill or slowly let them marinate to develop flavor and tenderness, knowing how to properly cook these steaks really lets their flavor shine.

Cooking hanger and skirt steaks

Since the size of each steak varies vastly, knowing the right methods of cooking each cut really lets you taste the difference between these two similar cuts of meat. While you can marinate hanger and skirt steaks for optimal flavor, you need to grill a skirt steak for three to five minutes on each side and then rest the meat for five minutes, while hanger steaks take two to three minutes per side and must rest for ten minutes to develop optimal flavor (via Cooking Secrets For Men). According to Food and Wine, if you want a more well-marbled piece of meat that can give you a much more luxurious dining experience, opt to grill the hanger steak.

When you crave some red meat, get ready to pay. A pound of skirt steak can set you back at least $20 (via Epicurious), while hanger steaks come in at around $25 (via Cooper Ranch Life), but expect prices to vary based on location. When you need to invest in a good cut of beef, truly knowing the difference between both flavorful options really helps you develop the intricate flavors of both steaks. While you might not be able tell which cut is which at first glance, knowing just how to approach them makes all the difference the moment you take the first bite.