Why You Should Think Twice About Buying Chicken From Aldi

Aldi is undoubtedly one of the strongest names in the industry as far as retail chains are concerned. The brand is viewed as one of the fastest-growing grocers in the U.S. According to Progressive Grocer, it's essential for Aldi's leadership team to cater to the needs of its audiences. Jason Hart, CEO of Aldi USA, said, "For us, we're less focused on self-promotion and more focused on serving our customers. Today's Aldi appeals to a wide range of demographics — we've seen success in all markets, from rural areas to big cities."

For Aldi, earning good testimonials from their customers keeps them going. "The Aldi business model is intentionally different by design, and everything we do is in order to offer our shoppers the lowest prices possible, every day," Hart added. As appealing as Aldi is when it comes to several product categories, some items at the store can be a hit or miss. For instance, perishable products such as fruits and veggies aren't always great at Aldi, according to Cheatsheet, and it's important to be mindful about the quality of produce while shopping at the store. Turns out, it's not such a great idea to buy chicken at Aldi, either.

Meat at Aldi may disappoint you

As explained by Cheatsheet, the problem with the meat offerings at Aldi is basically linked to its prices. Surprisingly, other grocery stores around you are likely to offer you better deals on meat compared to Aldi. The article noted that advertised meat deals at an Aldi outlet versus those at other supermarket chains demonstrated that the latter scored higher on chicken breasts, bone-in rib eye, and chicken thighs.

A Redditor didn't mince any words while describing their experience with buying chicken at Aldi. They wrote, "The Aldi meats are really lacking. I don't buy meat there. The chicken, in particular, is something unique. The chicken breasts are those massively inflated, flavorless, hunks of chewy, sinewy, gunk." Uh-oh. Maybe skip getting chicken from Aldi and rely on your local butcher, instead? By the way, as per BuzzFeed, some of the things that are definitely worth buying at Aldi during this season are donuts, cheese, overnight oats, eggplant cutlets, and festive coffee. Yum.