The Strange 'Language' The Pioneer Woman Once Spoke

You might think you know a great deal about Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, but think again. Drummond shares in her new book Frontier Follies what can only be described as a truly bizarre personal story. One time in college Drummond dressed up as a cat (via CheatSheet). So far so good, but it gets weirder as it goes. So totally committed was this future celeb that she not only dressed as a cat but refused to speak anything besides a secret cat language for the duration of a party. Having no care at all for the weird looks she was getting, the cat-human spoke only in purrs and meows.

And then she took it further.

Not breaking character for a single second, Drummond continued to purr and meow as her roommate was searching for lost keys. Disgusted, the roommate found another ride, left, and the friendship crumbled as a result. As it turns out, Ree Drumond is a cat lover. 

Cat love is an ongoing theme for Ree Drummond

Drummond once shared on Instagram that she sometimes dreams of cats, "I dreamed last night that I sneaked a cat onto a plane. This came from a real experience: I actually did this in ninth grade. My mom was really mad. True story," (via CheatSheet). Drummond has also shared photos and even dedicated entire blog posts to her cats at home. The Pioneer Woman wrote a post in 2010 titled, "Why I Love my Cat," and shared, "He reminds me of my childhood, when I was surrounded by cats." She even goes on to describe some "cat conversations." Predictably, one exchange starts with "Meow," to which she responds, "Hi, Kitty Kitty." More meowing ensues and the meaning is crystal clear. "I know! I am, too!" says the Pioneer woman. "Meow?" the cat obviously replies. "No, I don't think so. Not today."

In a 2013 blog post she writes of a new addition, "His name is Kitten Kitten, I love him; he's so sweet. He likes to sit in planters, And look for things to eat" (via Pioneer Woman). Cats are just one of the many animals at the Drummond farm, however, as shared in a 2018 article by Food Network, the family also spends time with multiple dogs, a herd of cows, and even some wild horses. While it's clear this is a beloved menagerie, we have no data on whether the rest share a special language with their people too.