The Untold Truth Of Super Coffee

Super Coffee — bottled coffee on the go — was founded by three brothers who were also entrepreneurs — Jim, Jake and Jordan DeCicco — in a bid to come up with bottled coffee that could be healthier than most of what was then on the market. According to Forbes, the brothers knew that they were taking a huge risk by getting into the industry without knowing much about it. They were motivated by the fact that their early testers loved the coffee. There were also those diabetics who said that they can't consume sugar, and Super Coffee works as a good solution for them.

The brothers, who came from sports backgrounds, turned to a hands-on approach when it came to their startup. They'd stock shelves with bottles of Super Coffee and work with samples themselves. "The better we did, the more shelves we had to stock and the harder we had to work," Jim told Forbes. "So I think it's a simple strategy, it's just not an easy one. And one thing that we like to say to ourselves and to our team is, 'Work hard and be nice to people.'" The entrepreneurial strategy worked for them, and things eventually fell into place.

In 2018, two years after Super Coffee's journey began, the DeCiccos went on the business-related reality show "Shark Tank," where they spoke about their brand on national television. At that point, local sales were strong for the team. The show's judges were impressed.

It is marketed as a healthier option

The brothers were told by investors, "Wow, if we can fuel you guys to keep doing what you're doing at a larger scale, you're really going to be able to make an impact here." While the team didn't receive an offer from the show's judges, they went on to grow as a business and made significant progress. As pointed out by a blog on the "Shark Tank" website, the brothers got some high-profile figures to support them, including Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rx3 Ventures (which is backed by Aaron Rodger), and NBA all-star Baron Davis. 

As Jim DeCicco told the story, the team's hard work paid off. Those who drink Super Coffee instead of, say, the Starbucks equivalent are eliminating enormous amounts of sugar from their diet. According to Buzzfeed, this is a product that tastes great while delivering as much as 10 grams of protein in each serving. Customers can choose from a variety of Super Coffee products tailored to various dietary needs: ketogenic, vegan, gluten-free, and more. There are plenty of flavors, and the product line includes pods, creamer, and coffee powder.

A Reddit user wrote a glowing review for Super Coffee.  "I recently discovered Super Coffee," they wrote, adding that it's low on calories. "Bonus for me, it's shelf-stable, so I can grab some and just save them for when I need them ... Overall, I really like the product and my interactions with the business have been stellar."