How To Extend The Life Of Your SodaStream Cylinder

Those who are die-hard seltzer fans know there's nothing better than taking a long gulp of really cold, really carbonated water. While there are plenty of wonderful still water brands, there's just something about sparkling H2O. Chances are you probably have a favorite brand of seltzer, too. Whether it's San Pellegrino, Perrier, La Croix, Bubly, or another, those who drink enough cans of sparkling water have most likely had a serious conversation with themselves about buying a SodaStream.

The streamlined system comes in a myriad of models these days with each one producing some level of carbonated water right at home from your countertop. There are three models in particular that seem to be bought most often. The first is the Jet, followed by Source, and finally, Power, which is the sleekest and most powerful one of the bunch (via Epicurious). But no matter which model you spring for, there are a few measures you can take to ensure you'll get the most use out of the machine before having to replace it.

Use these tricks to keep your SodaStream in good condition

The first trick to keep in mind when using your SodaStream is that you should only use water that is very cold. Carbon dioxide dissolves more easily in cold water, which means the gas will actually carbonate the water rather escaping out of the bottle when it is opened. The carbonation also needs about a minute to settle into the water after using the SodaStream. So, let it sit for a moment before pouring yourself a glass. It's also best if you don't carbonate things like juice or re-carbonate flat soda. It takes more of the carbon dioxide to carbonate liquids besides water. By only using water in your SodaStream, the cylinder of carbon dioxide will last longer (via Home Healthy Soda).

If you really like sparkling water, or use your SodaStream really often, then you might want to consider buying a larger carbon dioxide cylinder, namely a 130-liter cylinder. It is more expensive to ship, but it will give you 130 SodaStream bottles instead of just 60. Unfortunately, with time, your SodaStream might start to leak, which might make it seem like the cylinders don't last as long. This is likely from the bottle not screwing in as tightly and could happen after just two years of avid use. In that case, you might want to consider getting a new SodaStream machine or even upgrading to a more powerful model. But until then, be careful with how you use your machine each day, and it should extend its life.