This Trader Joe's Tea Is Perfect For Cold Winter Mornings

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"'Yes, that's it!' said the Hatter with a sigh, 'It's always tea time,'" Lewis Carroll once wrote. If what they say in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is right, and that old proverb that the path to heaven really does pass through a teapot is true, then we're all well on our way. And, if there were ever a time of year when "it's always tea time" is more true, than that time of year would be winter. Finally, if there was ever a tea that we longed for more during cold winter mornings, it's Trader Joe's Winter Wake Up Tea.

According to Trader Joe's, their Winter Wake Up Tea is "a warm, wintry-spiced blend of black tea that's sure to put a pep in your step." But don't take their word for it, or ours. With hints of sweet cinnamon, orange peel, and spicy ginger and clove, the arrival of Trader Joes' seasonal tea offering has got all of Instagram longing for a cuppa. When Instagram handle @traderjoeslist announced Trader Joe's Winter Wake Up Teas' return, all of its followers sighed, "this is my fav!!!"

Reviewers are raving about Trader Joe's Winter Wake Up Tea

Trader Joe's Winter Wake Up Tea changes lives. Just ask Amazon reviewers. "I think a friend left a few packets of this tea at my house one day and I stumbled across them in my cupboard," wrote one convert, "[I] was immediately hooked!" Another writes, "So sweet without any sweetener!! I am willing to pay anything for this tea." A third swears, "There is no better tea on the planet. I don't care what exotic country you've traveled to."

Pro tip? Don't limit yourself to drinking this tea "as is." One Instagram follower suggests adding lemon juice, honey, and bourbon to Trader Joe's Winter Wake Up Tea to make it into a hot toddy. And, if you need an extra morning pick-me-up, a Trader Joe's Rants reviewer recommends brewing a bag of Winter Wake Up Tea together with an Irish breakfast tea. The result, they write, is a "nice mix-up of both, a strong 'cuppa' plus lots of warm spices and flavor."