The Untold Truth Of Waffle Crisp

It may be hard to imagine a time not so long ago when miniature waffles were more popular than miniature pancakes. Spoiler alert: Waffle Crisp dies at the end. According to Mr. Breakfast, Waffle Crisp was a beloved cereal introduced by Post in 1996. The cereal was a lot like what you might think: a sugary oat, corn, and wheat concoction made into mini, squarish, cereal waffles that had a syrupy coating and cinnamon dusting. 

Early television Waffle Crisp commercials featured slogans that the cereal "tastes like real homemade waffles" and is "really made by grannies" in a "whole secret granny factory." The ads featured a room full of gray-haired women preparing the cereal with miniature waffle makers and kitchenware that looks like it was snagged straight out of Tiny Kitchen. The "grannies" were eventually replaced with Waffle Boy, an anthropomorphic waffle with big eyes and red sneakers. Post even had video games featuring Waffle Boy, such as Waffle Boy's Jungle Adventure, on their former Postopia site. Much to the dismay of Waffle Crisp fans everywhere, Post listed the cereal as being discontinued in 2018.

Waffle Crisp wasn't the first or last waffle cereal standing

Though Waffle Crisp had admirable staying power, it dared to tread where other waffle cereals had tried and failed before. One of the first, according to Mr. Breakfast, was Mr. Waffles, introduced by Ralston in 1966, which came in a regular and banana flavor. Over a decade later, Ralston tried again with Waffelos in 1979. Waffelos had a fun cowboy mascot named Waffelo Bill who rocked a red mustache and a ten-gallon hat. The cereal eventually had two flavors, Maple and Blueberry, and came with a variety of surprises including a belt buckle. Sadly, Waffelo Bill and his guitar-playing horse said so long for good in 1982 (via Neato Coolville). 

Thanks to Kellogg's reboot of Eggo Waffle Cereal, there is no need for lovers of waffle-themed cereal to be forlorn today. In 2012 the cereal made of mini-round waffles was discontinued only to be reborn seven years later thanks to a Twitter challenge proposed by Eggo. On National Waffle Day, the brand tweeted "If this gets 10,000 RTs, we'll bring back Eggo cereal." On November 24, 2019, the cereal was re-released and now comes in two flavors, Maple Homestyle and Blueberry.