You Should Never Put Wine In A SodaStream. Here's Why

You probably would have never guessed that SodaStream dates back over one hundred years. According to Forbes, George Gilbey founded the company in 1903 and began selling the original machine that carbonated water with CO2 in England. The item became a novelty hit with the upper class and, over time, the company started selling flavored syrup and new designs to give its products even wider appeal. Fast forward to the present, and you will see that SodaStream has popped up everywhere, making a splash with anyone who wants to save time and money by carbonating water at home. 

While you can feel free to go wild making sparkling water to your heart's content, do not try to make every liquid fizzy at home. According to SodaStream, you risk damaging your machine and creating a giant mess if you carbonate any liquid other than water. While SodaStream has created a wine sold in Germany for use in its machine, the viscous consistency of regular wine clogs the machine, leading to a myriad of messy accidents that have left kitchens coated in red and white wine (via Bon Appetit).

A disaster waiting to happen

A SodaStream can make regular, flat water exciting, but it will not do anything special for your wine. According to Epicurious, carbonating a mediocre bottle of wine will not make the beverage taste any better, and you will have a much easier time going to the store and buying a sparkling wine instead of risking an explosion in your kitchen. If you do miraculously carbonate a bit of wine, do not expect the taste to rival champagne. According to HuffPost, their attempt at carbonating wine resulted in a full-frontal wine explosion and a finger injury, with the resulting sparkling wine's taste "likened to when you have left your glass unattended for half the day at the races." 

The next time you feel adventurous in the kitchen, do not turn to your SodaStream and believe you can reinvent sparkling wine. Take the easy route and spend $10 for an affordable sparkling riesling at your local supermarket — your kitchen and SodaStream will thank you for sparing them the mess and damage. If the urge strikes to carbonate other liquids, remember that the thick, viscous properties of wine clog the SodaStream and create the uncontrollable explosions, meaning other drinks can also present the same dangers. Stick to the manufacturer warnings and play it safe for an exciting and mess-free time with sparkling water instead.