Nigella Lawson's Strange Pronunciation Of 'Microwave' Has Everyone Talking

British chef and cookbook author Nigella Lawson is quite the living legend. As per The Recipe, one of Lawson's most appealing characteristics is the fact that she has taught herself the art of cooking and didn't go to culinary school, unlike many of her peers. This makes her very relatable, especially if you're a home chef in need of reassurance while trying to perfect a simple recipe. There's no one better than a star who wasn't professionally trained, but has more than succeeded anyway.

For those who may not remember, Lawson's first show made its debut in 1999. So it's safe to say that Lawson is quite the experienced TV personality and knows her way around cameras. That said, she is as human as the rest of us and isn't immune to committing a faux pas or two. Right? Well, she recently made a minor mispronunciation mishap on camera, and her fans simply couldn't get enough of it.

Nigella Lawson's pronunciation of microwave is rather unique

Things seemed to be going great on Nigella Lawson's BBC series, Cook, Eat, Repeat yesterday until she spoke about using a microwave and pronounced it in a way that was alien to most viewers (via Today.) Phonetically, Lawson pronounced the word as 'mee-kroh-wah-vey,' amusing her viewers to no end. A fan expressed his feelings on Twitter and wrote, "Eternally grateful to Nigella Lawson for letting us know we've all been mispronouncing microwave for the last 50 (or so) years."

Another commentator pointed out that they really enjoyed it and have a habit of mispronouncing words at home for fun. Interestingly, Lawson replied to that comment and wrote, "We do, too. Exactly that." Some fans have stated that they're going to change the way they pronounce the word themselves. Sounds like a blast to us — who else is in for a bit of wordplay?