Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Obsessed With This Sweet Lemony Cheese

Trader Joe's has perfected the art of capturing our hearts with seasonal specialty foods, only to rip them away right as we get attached. According to Become Betty, the brand introduced its signature baked lemon ricotta cheese a couple of years ago, and everyone searching for the perfect sweet and savory pairing that fits breakfast menus and dinner recipes alike went wild. Seasons have passed, and thanks to Instagram user @traderjoeslist, we have learned that this seasonal ricotta has made its return to store shelves, pleasing anyone with a sweet tooth and cheese aficionados alike.

"This 'cheese' is more like a dessert thank [sic] anything else," @traderjoeslist posted. "I picked it up in my haul this week and sampled it and was shocked how unbelievable it is. It's like a slice of dense, moist (I hate that word but have to use it here sorry) cake with a lemony custard. It really shouldn't even be placed with the cheeses, it should be near the desserts." The post has garnered over 21,000 likes, with replies ranging from "Feels, tastes, and satisfies like a cheesecake. AMAZING with a gingersnap ... definitely dessert" to "Ugh my store has been eternally out of it! I'm hoping later this week because it's my fav."

There's no guarantee the baked lemon ricotta cheese is a permanent fixture this time

If you can't wait to get your hand on this seasonal cheese, that makes for a perfect no-bake dessert, make sure to move fast. According to Trader Joe's, the item retails at $11.99 per pound, with random weight wedges available in the store's cheese cases until the item runs out. If the limited-supply urgency can't get you out the door and ready to taste this ricotta, the special way it's made will definitely grab your attention. According to Trader Joe's, the Italian cheese blends fresh milk, salt, and whey with lemon cream, baking the mixture at low temperatures to create a mouthwatering centerpiece to show off on any holiday cheese board.

This luxurious product can easily have you coming back for seconds and it only makes sense as to why so many Trader Joe's fans have been so excited for this ricotta's return. Make sure to take a trip to pick it up ricotta while you can — according to Trader Joe's, their increased COVID safety precautions impose limited shopping hours based on location and you don't want to be left out in the cold on this deal. Taste what all the excitement is about and make sure to stock up while supplies last!