The Most Underrated Peet's Coffee Holiday Drinks

The holiday season means cold weather, lit fireplaces, and the return of all of our favorite winter flavors. Peet's Coffee took notice this year — its seasonal drink menu has made a return and with it comes all of our most beloved holiday coffees (via Peet's Coffee). According to PR Newswire, the chain has brought back fan favorites like the holiday spice latte, peppermint mocha coffee, and if you have the Peet's app, dark chocolate orange mocha. While the public has embraced the returning flavors, reviews have still been rolling in regarding Peet's two new additions to its seasonal menu.

According to Chew Boom, the brand has introduced the snowcap mint matcha latte, an iced mint latte topped with a creamy snowcap, and the snowcap peppermint cold brew — a sweet Baridi peppermint iced cold brew topped with a snowcap to its seasonal menu. Reviews for the drinks have mostly been positive, but a few consumers have felt conflicted about the new additions to Peet's seasonal lineup. Instagrammers like @julesgan013 claim "I just thought the peppermint one was 'ok' it's just cold brew out of a pitcher mixed with peppermint syrup and they didn't even put ice in it," and with the drinks' limited time run ending on Jan. 5, 2021, coffee aficionados only have a few more weeks to decide if they want the drinks to return next season (via PR Newswire).

Peet's Coffee's festive, fluffy drinks for any mood

While some coffee drinkers have found the new flavors a bit tough to accept, many fans of Peet's Coffee have flocked around the new holiday flavors. Most responses to the drinks on Peet's Coffee's Instagram have been positive, with replies ranging from "So excited to try the matcha," to "Nothing beats an iced cold brew during the holidays!" (via @peetscoffee). Reviews for the drinks have also garnered praise for the new snowcap coffees. According to Trend Hunter, the snowcap mint matcha latte received the lavish praise of being described as "richly sensory", while the iced-only snowcap peppermint cold brew was described as "bold, sweet, and comforting."

If you haven't checked out Peet's in awhile, you couldn't have picked a better time to make your return and sample the decadent holiday flavors the cafe chain has in store for you. Either of these new drinks can send your taste buds on a journey and guarantee to make you come back for a refill. Try the new flavors while you can, because who knows the fate of the drinks after the holiday season comes to a wrap.