Is Yogurt Good After The Expiration Date?

When people think of healthy snacks, things like edamame, popcorn, dried fruit, nuts, and yogurt come to mind. Since the pandemic began, many shoppers began panic buying both perishable and nonperishable items in an effort to stockpile enough sustenance during such uncertain times. The National Center for Biotechnology Information notes that panic behavior (or in this case panic buying) comes about when people have a feeling or perception that there will be scarcity. So what were people buying up

According to Meat + Poultry, Americans were snatching up pasta, canned foods, dry beans, bread, eggs, milk, soup, and yogurt. Things like canned foods and dry foods are known to keep fairly well past their expiration dates, but what about something like yogurt? Eat By Date explains that yogurt can last an additional one to three weeks past the "best by" date that is on the package. The life expectancy of yogurt depends on several factors such as preparation method, how it's stored, and its sell by date.

It is possible to extend yogurt's shelf life?

How long you can extend the life of your yogurt pretty much depends on whether or not the package has been opened yet. Still Tasty backs this up by noting that keeping your yogurt refrigerated and tightly covered at all times goes a long way at preserving it's lifespan. Once opened, yogurt maintains its peak quality for about an additional five to seven days. But, what if you went yogurt-happy at the supermarket and purchased a few tubs too many? Still Tasty says you can freeze the additional yogurt so long as it is covered in an airtight container or heavy-duty freezer bag. Doing this could extend the life of your yogurt about one to two additional months. 

This only applies to yogurt that hasn't been opened, as this method is meant to preserve yogurt that is at peak quality (which yogurt has prior to being opened). Still Tasty notes that if freezing yogurt is what you are looking to do, that said yogurt must be kept at a constant zero degrees Fahrenheit. How about the thawing process? Well, once defrosted in the fridge, it can keep for an additional three to four days before having to be consumed. But if you choose to thaw it out in the microwave or with cold water, Still Tasty advises that you use it immediately.