What Hell's Kitchen Winner Christina Machamer Is Doing Now

For years, Hell's Kitchen has featured whirlwind competitions, endless entertainment from the infamous Gordon Ramsay, and crowned handfuls of talented on-the-rise chefs, but what happens after they cook their final meal? Chef Christina Machamer was one of the first few to join such an elite group of winners after taking the crown in season four.

In 2008, viewers were shocked when Machamer won the finale over fellow chef Louis Petrozza. According to Reality TV World, Machamer broke the standing record for most challenges won in a season despite still being a young culinary student at the time of filming. The outlet details how the champion chef took home an incredible prize: an Executive Chef position at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant The London West Hollywood. Even better? The new gig came with a $250,000 salary!

Nowadays, Machamer is embracing a pivot in her career after years of trying out some new ventures.

Chef Christina Machamer got into wine after her Hell's Kitchen win

Following her big Hell's Kitchen triumph, Machamer continued to work alongside top chefs (like Thomas Keller from Bouchon Bistro, says Reality TV Revisited) while she pursued some new interests. In 2009, St. Louis Magazine reported that Machamer and her then-boyfriend launched a local spice company called BCBC Blends, which quite literally stands for "brown chicken, brown cow."

In a later 2011 interview with St. Louis Magazine, Machamer explains how she's not just all about food — she loves her wine, too! The chef says her interest in wine dates back to growing up on a family farm in Augusta, MO, as well as the time she spent relaxing with friends on vineyards back in college. Reality TV Revisited reveals that Machamer returned to school after her reality TV debut and is now a professional sommelier. And for all you Pinot Noir fanatics out there keeping tabs, that's phase number six towards becoming a wine snob!

Machamer continues to succeed in the hospitality industry

Currently, Machamer is integrating her two passions by offering several personal food and wine services. On her personal website, she lists luxury wine tastings and catered dinners as some highlights of her new "Napa Valley Experience."

Little is known about Machamer's personal life aside from the fact that she resides in Napa Valley, but it is clear that her professional life is flourishing. Although Machamer is quiet on social media and less in the public eye, she is still working as a personal chef and continues to partner with brands large and small for occasional cooking events. In 2019, Machamer worked with Hormel Foods Corp. and Jennie-O Turkey Store. The turkey giant brought on influencers and celebrity chefs — including Machamer — to field desperate calls for Thanksgiving help on their 1-800-TURKEYS line (via Star Tribune).

In 2020, Machamer offered up some more Thanksgiving help when she partnered with luxury wine retailer Frank Family Vineyards to cook a gourmet holiday meal. Check out the full video here!