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This Thermos Pack At Costco Is A Total Steal

Hot drink season if officially here! There's nothing better than sipping something warm on a stroll in the park with a loved one, in the car for a chilly ride to go holiday shopping, or during an outdoor adventure with a fuzzy four-legged friend. The possibilities are endless... hot chocolate with marshmallows, warm apple cider, cinnamon-spiced lattes, or gingery tea; and for those who want something a little stronger, there's hot buttered rum, hot toddies, and mulled wine. The key, however, is keeping those wintry drinks piping hot, because no one likes a lukewarm drink that's lost its luster. For this, Costco has you covered.

Costco is now running a deal on a Thermos two-pack of 16 ounce stainless steel travel mugs for only $14.99, according to Instagram account @costcodeals. Yes, you can have two for the price of one — or even less than one, if you're going by Kohl's price, for example, or even Amazon's for two. The deal will run until December 24th, so scoop the set up while you can!

What people are saying about these thermoses

Not only are the two thermoses deeply discounted, but these mugs have a reputation that precedes them. On the original Instagram post, commenters were quick to tout the temperature-regulating powers of Thermos brand mugs. User @oogybgy commented "I had these years ago and have been looking for these exact ones- no other mug stays hot like these. Not just any Thermos- these specific ones!" Another user, @adayinthelifeofj2017, wrote, "Beverages stay hot for hours and never spill out. I toss this into my messenger bag full of liquid and it's secure," and a comment from @hanibow read, "Bought my husband these he leaves at 4am and his coffee is still HOT at lunch time (12pm) when he finally finishes it!"

It looks like the deal is in-store only for now, however. Costco's website lists the two-pack for $19.99, including shipping and handling. Still a good deal, but if there's a Costco store near you it might be worth the trip. According to the listing, these Thermoses also fit into car cup-holders, feature a tea-hook, and can go into the dishwasher. Hot drink season, we are ready for you!