Coors Light's Creepy Snowman Is The Drinking Buddy You Never Knew You Needed

Has social distancing got you down? Do you miss regular happy hours and wish you could hang out with your drinking buddies again? Well, Coors Light understands how you feel, and they are suggesting you build a new friend to share your beer with. According to a statement sent to Mashed, Coors wants you to gather the snow outside your home (as well as mud, sand, rocks, or any other outdoor materials you have available) and form a snowman. Stick a face on it so it has a personality, shove some beers in it, and you've got yourself a holiday drinking friend.

If it sounds like Coors' unique request got thought up after they had a few too many with their snowmen drinking pals, don't get put off — there is an actual rhyme and reason for this strange challenge. According to the statement, anyone who builds their very own "beerman" and submits a picture on social media can be eligible to win a magical winter wonderland in their backyard worth up to $10,000. The grand prize display includes lights, real snow, a small sledding hill, and more! The winner will also get a fully stocked beerman to enjoy while they hang out in their winter wonderland, so they can drink with their new pal to their heart's content.

Here's how you can win a winter wonderland from Coors Light

Coors has a long history of contests where you can win big. According to Coors Light Canada, their brands introduced a contest in 2018 where Newfoundland residents could twist off-prize winning caps from bottles and win more beer or concert tickets, while earlier this year, Coors Light promised to send a handful of contest winners to the picturesque locales they used as their zoom backgrounds (via Fox). 

According to the statement sent to Mashed, to win the latest snowman-themed challenge, Coors fans just need to take a picture of their "beerman" and post it to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #Beerman and #Contest. The contest runs through December 31st, with entries getting judged on creativity, originality, quality, and relevance to the theme of the contest. Only one lucky winner in the continental U.S. will get crowned, so make sure to put your heart into it if you want to bring home your very own fully-stocked frozen drinking buddy.

The contest runs alongside a new commercial featuring the Coors Light beerman and other festive friends to keep you jolly. "The holidays are filled with family-focused traditions, so during a time when we could all use a moment of chill, Coors Light wanted to introduce something just for grownups," said Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for the Coors Family of Brands. "Beerman brings levity to this time of year, as he exists simply to keep your Coors Light perfectly cold and bring a smile to your face."