Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cleaning Kitchen Counters

Cleaning your kitchen counters is probably something you do at least every day, if not multiple times a day. But if you aren't doing it right, you might not be cleaning your counters as well as you think you are, no matter how many times you wipe them down, and you could even end up damaging them. Knowing what type of counters you have is important, and using the right cleaning products for your kitchen will help make sure your counters actually get clean.

First, it's crucial that you know what kind of counters you have. For example, if your kitchen counters are made of stone or granite, there are certain cleaning products you can't use on them. According to PopSugar, using any kind of acidic cleaner on these counters can damage the seal, which could lead to spills (and germs) like wine soaking into and staining the countertops. Instead, you'll have to use cleaners that are specifically made for stone counters.

Second, according to Apartment Therapy, if you have stone countertops, you also need to seal them regularly. This will help prevent any spills from soaking in; usually, you can seal the countertops yourself just by buffing in a sealing spray.

Other mistakes you might be making when cleaning your counters

Even if you don't have stone countertops, you still might not be cleaning them the right way. One step that a lot of people skip is letting the cleaner or disinfectant sit on the counter before immediately wiping it up. According to PopSugar, if you spray cleaner on your countertops, you should let it sit for at least a couple of minutes before wiping to give it a chance to activate and work on any mess on the surface.

Also, if you have anything sitting on your counters, like containers with cooking utensils, countertop appliances like toasters, or stored food, make sure you move it aside when you're cleaning. According to Apartment Therapy, if you don't move these items out of the way, crumbs and spills can accumulate underneath them. Finally, when you're finished cleaning, make sure you're drying off the counter and not just letting it air dry. Skipping this step might leave smudges or spots on the counters as they dry. If you steer clear of these mistakes, you don't have to worry about damaging your counters, and you'll leave them sparkling every time you clean.