Costco Shoppers Won't Want To Miss This Amazing Chocolate Croissant Deal

Nothing feels as decadent as waking up in the morning and eating a chocolate croissant for breakfast. The chocolate croissant, otherwise known as pain au chocolat, has a long history that dates back to the late 19th century, according to French Moments. However, Austrian bakers created the tried-and-true original croissant in 1683 to celebrate the defense of Vienna from Turkish invasion. In the 1800s, the pastry travelled to France and by the end of the 19th century, Parisian bakers begun stuffing the croissants with fillings, including chocolate. 

Today, coming across these delectable pastries can prove challenging and usually requires a special trip to the local baker, but if you have a Costco nearby, you are in for a luxurious treat. According to She Knows, you can now pick up the newly-released, imported pack of 16 chocolate croissants for $6.99. The packaging states that the croissants are a product of France, and if you buy the pastries before Dec. 24, you can swipe them up at a discounted rate of $4.99, making them an absolute bargain. If you feel like you might have to make a Costco run to taste these luxurious croissants, you need to move fast — social media has already caught wind of the release and can't get enough of the pastries.

A luxurious chocolate croissant for all occasions

Instagrammer costcobuysc recently posted a picture of the new croissants with the caption, "Yum! Grab these pains au chocolat pastries for $2 off through 12/24! ($4.99 after $2 off)," and has already garnered over 1,500 likes. The post has attracted replies that have ranged from "They are so yummy!" to "Omg yummmm," with a generally positive response from everyone who has tasted the chocolate croissants so far.

You need to move quickly if you want to snag a bag of these specialty baked goods. According to Costco, the pricing and availability may change at a moment's notice and who knows if this product can make it through the holiday seasons. Once they disappear from shelves, we can only speculate on when they might get restocked, especially because they ship straight from the source in France. If you have any doubts, taste what all the buzz is about — you don't want to miss these croissants!