The Surprising Reason You Should Start Eating More Sauerkraut

Have you been introduced to the magic that is sauerkraut yet? The dish consists of fermented cabbage that comes with some major health perks, according to Healthline. It's believed that sauerkraut was first prepared in China over 2,000 years ago. To this day, the side dish remains a good option for many people across the globe. Surprisingly, it beats fresh cabbage if you're considering nutritional benefits and are looking for ways to strengthen your immune system.

A Reddit user even had some suggestions on the best way to enjoy sauerkraut. They wrote, "It's healthiest if you eat it raw, because it has a high concentration of vitamin C and bacteria that's beneficial for your gut. But eaten raw, it oftentimes leads to flatulence, so be sure to eat some fennel with it to help digestion." Still on the fence about whether it's worth including more sauerkraut in your diet? Read on to know why this dish is definitely worth munching on.

Sauerkraut has health benefits that are hard to refute

What makes sauerkraut such a convenient health food is the fact that it's an excellent probiotic. As explained by Healthline, the side dish is a winning choice in terms of providing you with probiotics, which are also often found in other health foods like yogurt. Eating probiotic-laden foods like sauerkraut can help you digest food more efficiently, which in turn makes it easier for your body to reap the benefits of the all vitamins and minerals you consume.

Moreover, your immune system gets a major boost on account of a health food like sauerkraut with its high iron and vitamin C content. Eating it regularly means that you're less likely to deal with pesky ailments like the common cold or urinary tract infections in your everyday life. How cool is that?

Remember to watch out for sodium levels, though, and try preparing sauerkraut at home instead of buying it from the grocery store for the best results. As a Reddit user pointed out, the product may not even be fermented if you pick it up from a shop. They wrote, "I don't think store bought sauerkraut is necessarily healthy. Well, it's healthy if it has been through the fermentation process, and not all store bought brands make it that way." Best to play it safe and make your jar at home!