Aldi Fans Are Freaking Out About These Hot Cocoa Cinnamon Rolls

While there probably aren't any official statistics, hot cocoa is definitely one of the best things about winter. It seems like a fair trade — the world gives us uncomfortably frigid temps and in return, we get hot, liquid chocolate to sip on day and night if we so choose. Being that hot cocoa season is a limited-time affair, it's important to pack as much of that warm, cozy, chocolatey goodness into your life for as long as possible. But sometimes the toasty beverage alone simply doesn't suffice. Enter: hot cocoa cinnamon rolls from Aldi.

Aldi devotee @aldi.mademedoit recently shared the details of these wintery treats with followers on Instagram and it turns out, these cinnamon rolls might be even better than you're imagining. The hot cocoa pastries come from Pillsbury and are of the "Grands" variety, so they're sure to be nice and puffy. But cinnamon roll lovers know the icing is really where it's at and these hot cocoa rolls happen to come with...wait for it...marshmallow icing. Who knew that was a thing?! The post's caption reads, "My dream!!!! Cinnamon rolls with hot chocolate and marshmallow icing!!! I grabbed two because I knew my family was going to be obsessed!!" Here's what others have to say about them.

Here's why Aldi's hot cocoa cinnamon rolls belong in your house

Should you join the hot cocoa cinnamon roll-obsessed people of the world and snag a can of them the next time you're at Aldi? Yes, you probably should. Judging by the comments on Instagram, they are downright delicious. User @the_preachers_wifey claimed, "They are sooo good! I only bought one and was sooo bummed I didn't get more!" @cacker31 followed that up with, "They were awesome!"with a host of other pleased commenters waxing poetic about the pastry.

Sadly, Aldi lists these Pillsbury hot cocoa cinnamon rolls on their website as not available in all locations. But if you can find them, they're only $3.49 for a 17.5-ounce tube. According to the package, that makes five marshmallow icing-topped hot cocoa cinnamon rolls. Five is obviously not enough for any reasonable hot cocoa-loving person. But, no one's stopping you from grabbing more than one can, right?