The Candy Cane Trick That Takes Your Latte To The Next Level

A steaming cup of coffee is especially perfect on a cold morning when you curl up on the couch with a good book. There are, as it turns out, several ways to make your cuppa extra special. For example, you could add a bit of cocoa powder if you're a fan of chocolate and want a mocha-like drink for a change. Or you can switch things up by using coconut milk or almond milk instead of regular dairy.

You can even play around with the ingredients that you have at home such as cinnamon, flavored syrup, whipped cream and...candy canes. Surprised? Believe it or not, candy canes work really well with cookies, ice cream, coffee, and more, according to Life Hacker. Wondering how to give your coffee a peppermint kick? Here's everything you need to know about this sweet little hack that can make your beverage extra tasty.

Working candy canes into your coffee is super easy to do

As illustrated by Lifehacker, you basically just need a food processor to create peppermint dust for your beverages and desserts. Start by breaking candy canes into small pieces before tossing them all into a blender to make your topping in seconds. Don't have a blender at home? Well, there's an easy solution for that, too. In a pinch, you can turn to tools like a hammer, a big pan, or a rolling pin to break the candy. Use a plastic bag to seal the pieces and place them on the kitchen counter (with a towel underneath!) and get to work. The final step is the best part. Reward yourself by adding a delicious peppermint topping to your steaming cup of coffee.

As simple as this hack is, it makes for a delightful addition to your cup of joe and makes it super easy for you to finish leftover candy canes, too.