Why You Should Avoid Cooking Great Steak In The Slow Cooker

Is there a better feeling than coming home from a long, busy day to the enticing aroma of a home cooked meal? Thanks to the slow cooker, many of us who would otherwise not have the time to eat a home cooked meal can do so without a sweat! From a tasty chicken noodle soup to mouthwatering carnitas, it's no secret the slow cooker can do it all and there are so many recipes online, like these from Country Living, that show just how far you can push your slow cooker. 

But like with a lot of specialized cooking appliances, the line should be drawn somewhere. Yes, you might want to rethink throwing just about anything in your slow cooker, especially when you're dealing with a great steak.

A good steak and a slow cooker don't mix

While some foods are perfect for a slow cooker, others aren't so much. Although yes, technically you can cook tender meats in a slow cooker, per the Food Network, that doesn't necessarily mean you should! Why? For one main reason: a perfect steak is already tender enough on its own; this is what sets it apart from other types of meat. All that's left to do is to pan sear it on your stove top with generous seasoning and butter, according to Food & Wine.

Why the big fuss? Well, for starters, a slow cooker is ideal for inexpensive, tough cuts of meat. The cooker is able to thoroughly tenderize the meat after many hours and hours of cooking for an end result that's rich flavor and texture. Therefore, save the slow cooker for weeknight meals that are easy to put together and will save you money and time!

So if you're splurging on a quality cut of steak — one that is worthy of a close up on Top Chef — you might want to skip the slow cooker and really get more bang for your buck by opting for the stove top. That way you'll be able to see just how tender and juicy your steak really is. Trust us, you'll thank us later!