How Costco Australia's Food Menu Differs From Costco America's

Perhaps the wildest thing about Costco Australia's food court is that the frozen yogurt machine swirls its ice cream into cones in the opposite direction than it does in the Northern Hemisphere. Just kidding. 

Truthfully, the differences between Costco Australia's food menu and Costco America's are far more subtle. At first glance, the menu in Costco Australia's food court has all the hits: there's a burger, a hot dog, those berry sundaes everyone loves, and, of course, pizza. You probably already have your favorites. But did you know Costco Australia's hot dog is 100 percent pork, not beef? And that the burger on their menu is actually a southern style, battered chicken burger? Also, perhaps in a nod to their tropical surroundings (most Australian Costco warehouses are located in coastal cities), the refreshing drinks on offer include mango smoothies and bubble tea (via Costco).

How Costco food courts fare around the world

Just like in the United States, Costco Australia's food court menu is subject to change with the seasons, location, or customer trends. But look carefully and you might catch a couple of things that you probably won't find on any American Costco's menu. Business Insider found that one Costco in Sydney, Australia, offers an Aussie Meat Pie, not a dish you're likely to see in the U.S. version of the wholesaler. 

In fact, Costco warehouses worldwide seem to lean local on at least one item in their food court, according to Buzzfeed, with Canadian Costcos offering poutine (a french fry dish with cheese curds and gravy), and even a torta de bacalao (salted cod sandwich) on some Mexican Costco menus.

Unfortunately, Costco Australia now requires a membership for those who wish to indulge in its food court's culinary delights, according to Yahoo News Australia. So have that membership card ready, otherwise you'll have to ask a friend to sneak you a twisted churro and slice of pizza.