People Can't Stop Talking About These Boba Ice Cream Bars At Costco

The best part about going to Costco is that you never know what you might find. And if you do get a chance to drop by, and you're lucky, you could find yourself in the position to get your hands on an in-demand frozen dessert treat. Instagrammer costcodeals, snapped a photo of the delectable Brown Sugar Boba Ice Milk Bar and shared it on social media, along with a come-hither caption that read: "If you love #boba you have to get this brown sugar ice milk boba #icecream bar! Found at Aloha OR @costco today! Saw some other folks found it in Seattle and Tukwila!! Sooooo good! $13.89 for 12 bars!"

Brown sugar ice cream bars have been a thing for some time now, because while they might be a frozen treat, they've managed to nail the look of the original Tiger Sugar tea — a milky "tea" drink with no tea, but with a smoky caramel syrup made with brown sugar, along with the all-important boba (via TODAY). To the skeptic that wonders how the boba in the ice cream bars can mimic the chewy texture of real-life, tea-inhabiting boba, it might be a surprise to discover that the balls are actually made with rice flour which doesn't seize up when it gets cold.

Not all boba brands have fans excited like the Costco version

Boba ice milk bars can be a hit or a miss, depending on who you ask. Reviewers who tested a similar brown sugar ice cream bar at the Chicago Tribune were happy with the way the bars looked and tasted, but they were especially blown away by the texture of the ice cream bars boba. Another reviewer at Spoon University only gave the ice cream a five out of 10 for taste. One Instagrammer even took to social media to share her mixed review of the product, saying "6/10. Definitely makes the lockdown more bearable trying to get that boba fix. But would not go out of my way to get it."

However, Costco's version appears to be getting much better reviews. Followers of the costcobuys Instagram seemed to be excited about the product with one writing, "Omg omg omg." Another added, "Heard these were good." However, some were a bit skeptical of the product writing, "I love Boba...but that's just weird." Another seemed stunned by Costco's affordable price writing, "Oh wow this is such an amazing price seen it for $8 for a small box! Enjoy!"

Judging from the comments on Instagram, the product appears to be of the "run don't walk to acquire" variety, so we hope you're not too disappointed if the product is out of stock at your local Costco.