These IKEA Instructions Teach You How To Build Gingerbread Furniture

We expect to remember 2020 for being a particularly bad-tempered year with more tantrums than many of us have seen for a very long time, but it has also gifted us with a few surprises. Thanks to 2020, we now know how to make the DoubleTree's iconic chocolate chip cookie from the comfort of our own home. Disney Parks generously opened up its recipe books and passed around its how tos for its fan-favorite treats, including its Kitchen Sink Sundae. We also got the inside scoop on how to make IKEA's famous Swedish meatballs. And before 2020 comes to a close, IKEA has come back to give us one more treat we most definitely deserve — instructions on how to make IKEA gingerbread furniture, so you can make sure your edible home gets an iconic BILLY Bookcase, table and chairs, a bed, a rug, and even a STRANDMON armchair.

All the patterns are free to download from IKEA's Canadian site, and if you're really in the mood, you can download 3D cookie cutter printing files too, so you can do everything yourself from start to finish, IKEA style. Why, you might ask, did IKEA decide to cookie-size its most famous furniture lines? "At IKEA, we believe every house deserves to feel like a home – even if it's made of deliciously sweet gingerbread", the brand said on its site.

IKEA has released the fixings so you can celebrate a Swedish Christmas

The collection is part of IKEA's VINTERSAGA (Winter Story) collection, that includes a gingerbread home to go with your gingerbread furniture as well as gingerbread people, a mulled fruit drink, and julmust, a Swedish soft drink that is usually served around the holiday season. Julmust was said to be invented as a non-alcoholic alternative to beer. It's said to be dark and sweet, and shares similarities with more American drinks like Coke and root beer. Only one company is licensed to manufacture Julmust, which is named after the man who discovered the drink (via Ateriet).

We're guessing IKEA must have thought that because none of us had any chance of getting to Sweden this year, the company would bring Sweden to us. And we're so glad they did.