The Untold Truth Of Bertucci's

Italian food, especially pizza, is one of the best things on the planet, and thanks to certain iconic pizza places like Bertucci's, it is possible to enjoy delicious pizza with ease, no matter where you are. The restaurant is the brainchild of entrepreneur Joey Crugnale, who felt inspired to start his restaurant business after he visited his grandmother in Italy in the 1980s (via Bertucci's). Crugnale returned to Somerville, Mass. and opened the first Bertucci's location, which quickly attracted the attention of locals who were drawn to its fresh pizzas.

What was different about the restaurant compared to its peers? For one, it had a brick oven that the staff used to make its signature foods. The restaurant's patrons could also choose to play with their friends at the bocce court inside the first Bertucci's restaurant. Over the years, the brand has stayed loyal to its brick oven pizza concept and credits its cooking style to the unique flavors associated with its pizzas. The one thing that has remained in the restaurant's favor all this time? The authenticity of its pizza, which can transport patrons straight to Italy after the first bite.

Bertucci's needed a revival

The Bettucci's brand claims to use nothing but the freshest ingredients in all of its pizzas and pays special attention to the cooking process. For instance, per the restaurant's website, all of its meals are painstakingly handcrafted. Staff members chop vegetables and roast them first thing in the morning so they may add them to the many dishes the restaurant is known for, including its pizzas, throughout the day. Even add-ons, like their tomato sauces, are made from scratch. As a description on the brand's website reads, "We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our process, and we believe it's a difference you can taste in every dish on our menu."

Despite its promising dishes, however, the brand ran into trouble in 2018 when it was forced to file for bankruptcy (via USA Today.) It was believed that Bertucci's was suffering in terms of sales and had a lot to make up for in terms of debt. It was eventually acquired by the Planet Hollywood's owner, Robert Earl (per the Boston Herald), who was a longtime fan of the brand and optimistic about its future prospects. He said, "I've been a fan of Bertucci's brand a long time. I consider myself someone who likes to take good brands who might have lost their way a little and restore them."