People Are Divided On This Upcoming Pretzel Pop-Tarts Flavor. Here's Why

The latest release from Pop-Tarts has fans divided, and some are unleashing quite a bit of anger toward the breakfast pastry. If you don't remember, Pop-Tarts revealed new Pretzel Pop-Tarts back in January of 2020 (via Delish). The new kind of microwaveable pastry included a crisp and salty pretzel crust that came with one of two flavors. Customers could choose between chocolate or cinnamon sugar filling flavors. Each box received something of an exciting response from customers looking forward to trying them when they first came out.

Now, nearly upon the anniversary of the initial launch of Pretzel Pop-Tarts, fans have mixed reviews of the new spin and some have completely soured toward them. So, it's not surprising that many of those less-than-happy fans are not even willing to try the new flavor Pop-Tarts will soon come out with. In fact, the new flavor was just spotted on Instagram on December 21.

Here's what people are saying about the new Pop-Tarts flavor

It turns out that Instagram user Candy Hunting found the new salted caramel flavor of Pretzel Pop-Tarts on a grocery website called Meijer. According to the website description, the new flavor should feature a sweet and oozing caramel filling with frosting on top of the salty, crisp pretzel crust exterior. When Candy Hunting posted a photo of the new product, the caption read, "new salted caramel pretzel Pop-Tarts should be out soon!" But the reaction to the Instagram post was less than sweet.

One of the nicer comments read, "Got the cinnamon sugar pretzels one year ago pretty decent." Another was more frustrated than anything: "COME ON POPTARTS! Do almond pretzel flavor. Something new. How about almond raspberry splitz?" Others seemed confused by the launch and assumed they had already tried or reviewed the pretzel Pop-Tarts before. When other Instagram users were quick to correct and tell those mistaken that these Pop-Tarts were not out yet, those who felt these were too familiar said they didn't plan on trying these because the early version was "disgusting." Some felt there wasn't enough filling or pretzel flavor. Another commenter really unleashed their anger toward Pop-Tarts by calling them "awful for 15+ years at least."

There were a few people who commented with positive reviews of the pretzel Pop-Tarts, but you'll have to get a box to try for yourself and decide.